Successful websites, the ones that have lots of traffic and repeat visitors, have a few things in common that all equate to being user friendly. These tips will help you make sure your website is both effective and user-friendly.

  1.  Be Fast
    In our fast-paced culture, website visitors have become accustom to having access to content quickly. If it takes any longer than a few seconds to load your website, there’s a solid chance your visitor is going to leave. Speed things up by making sure content, images, and various elements are optimized for speed.
  2. Be Relevant
    It’s so vital to make sure that your content on your website is up to date, and content rich. When someone visits your website and can’t find what they’re looking for quickly and easily they are going to leave your website and visit another – your competitors’. Put yourself in a new customer’s shoes. Think about what they want to know about you. Make that information easily accessible.
  3. Be Quality
    Your website doesn’t have to be the most unique, most awarded design to be effective. It does, however, need to be quality. Avoid publishing content riddled with typos, photos that are low-quality, or create outdated designs. The fact is, these things make a website look more homemade and less professional, often resulting in your visitor hitting the back button just as quickly as they clicked your search result.
  4. Be Mobile-Responsive
    Many of our clients at Raine Digital have over 60% of traffic to their sites coming from mobile devices. With potentially more than half of your traffic coming from cell phones and tablets, mobile responsiveness is vital. If a user is having to zoom in and out trying to make out what your website says on a 4-inch screen, they’re more than likely going to leave your website.
  5. Be Social
    A website alone is no longer enough to effectively engage with the online community. Being active on social media allows you to quickly and inexpensively reach an entirely new group of prospective customers. Make sure you respond to comments and questions that come in on your social media profiles.

These 5 things should be non-negotiable when considering your website design, functionality, and updates.