Your attitude towards anything determines your outcome.  There are countless people who have not achieved the results they hoped for purely because of their attitude.  They haven’t failed, they have only gone as far as their effort plus attitude can take them.

Effort is always needed and to even begin with this, the mind needs to be conditioned to get moving and get going. The mind needs to kick in with the right attitude before real results are formed. Very often the mind will try and tell us the outcome of a task or project long before we have started and overcoming that is where attitude matters.

There are countless tasks on the journey to success that we need to complete and there a good number of these that are not pleasant or not enjoyable.  Your attitude determines whether you do what you need to do or not. It really is that simple and with the right attitude even the most unenjoyable or challenging of tasks can become pleasant.  For great results in anything it is not always about liking what you need to do but just knuckling down and doing it.

With the wrong attitude to success or task completion even the smallest thing can divert our efforts elsewhere or hinder our performance. For a long distance runner, having the attitude of not wanting to run in the rain could be the difference between a Gold medal and coming in the last 3 runners. Overcoming the circumstances and seeing what can be and even must be achieved is crucial.

Then there are those who have the negative attitude, those who can never see that something will work. They can be a hindrance and thorn in the side to an entrepreneur, true they can help re-evaluate things but they can also prevent things from occurring.  You need to have a positive and confident attitude, when you don’t like the task at hand remind yourself that it is necessary for the good of what you are doing. You need to remain positive even when the odd failure comes your way and this requires having the right attitude.

A good attitude comes from believing in yourself, your team and your project.  Don’t let external circumstances cloud your vision; don’t let others who don’t share your attitude influence too much. If things get a little tough and you feel your positivity waning you are entitled to take a breather and refresh your mind. If you feel you are getting bogged down and the vision is becoming blurred your attitude can begin to change from positive to negative. If this happens remind yourself as to why you are doing what you and allow yourself to feel the spark come alive again.

It is all too easy to get tired and feel your attitude change from “I can” to “It’s impossible” and attitude needs to be fed. Feed it with plenty of rest, don’t let tiredness change it, and feed it with positivity and confidence. Reading or listening to uplifting words keeps a positive outlook alive even when you don’t like what you have to do. Like it or not the one thing that may be holding you back from current or future success is your attitude. Keep it positive and you will succeed.