Author: Matt Newnham

The Power of No

There are some absolute masters of giving up on this planet. There are countless people who give up on a whim or the first time they are told no.  They just seem to complain they are too tired or just don’t have enough time and thus drop something that had the hallmarks of success.  It would be fair to say that many of us have given up on at least something, those dreadful guessing games that young kids play: I spy with my little eye something beginning with “C” as you drive along the road; you give countless answers...

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How To Be More Productive

Productivity lies at the very heart of success for an entrepreneur. But how do you become more productive and remain so? Here are some simple tips and ways to become and remain productive: Write down what you need to do. Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Very often just having an idea of what you need to do in a day is not good enough. Writing down your daily to-do’s is all about planning. Having them on paper makes them achievable. By writing them down you can clearly see your workload, you can prioritize and you can even...

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Five Leadership Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Leadership is all about growing people. With all the will in the world, you can have great ideas and a way of telling others about them, but if people won’t follow nothing will ever happen. Here are 5 Leadership qualities every entrepreneur should possess, learn or develop Drop the ego. There is a fine line between being confident and having an ego. An ego appears when you lack the total confidence you need in your team or your product or service. When you have confidence it shows, it is gentle and natural. When you are forcing the matter to convince others...

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Attitude: Like It Or Not

Your attitude towards anything determines your outcome.  There are countless people who have not achieved the results they hoped for purely because of their attitude.  They haven’t failed, they have only gone as far as their effort plus attitude can take them. Effort is always needed and to even begin with this, the mind needs to be conditioned to get moving and get going. The mind needs to kick in with the right attitude before real results are formed. Very often the mind will try and tell us the outcome of a task or project long before we have started and...

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Inbox Motivation


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