Author: Sherry Adcock

Build Value Each Day in Business Relationships

Building a business is all about cultivating value in people. It’s about making people feel special and developing high-trust relationships. It is easy to forget this in today’s culture of unending distractions. This topic reminds me of the quote, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It may take longer to build value and cultivate business relationships this way, but taking this personal approach will create a business that lasts. If someone knows you genuinely care about them, they want to do business with you. This eliminates the “pushy salesman” tactic, which...

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Out of Your Head, Into Reality: Write It Down

Taking the time to write things down is so important.  Most of the time, I see the big picture in my head much easier than I see the process of how to get there in reality.  I am a dreamer – a visionary. It’s a beautiful thing because, to me, anything is possible. The limits are endless. My mind can go from one grand idea about business straight to an extraordinary plan on how to organize my house in a matter of seconds. The problem though, is my mind doesn’t naturally think through the process. I don’t always plan...

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Have We Lost the Art of Commitment

As a 40 year old, I began pondering loyalty and commitment as I was cleaning yesterday. My mind took me back to when I was an 11 year old child. My mother sat my sister and I down for a life changing talk. She shared with us that she and my dad were separating and he was moving out of the house. Although not surprising (kids are much more attune than parents think), it impacted my life greatly. One of the things that stands out is how bothered and humiliated they were to have to share this news not...

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Do You See Yourself as an Entrepreneur?

Our self-perception heavily effects who we become. Your personal desire may be to be an entrepreneur. However, if we don’t see ourselves this way, we will never become one.  It’s more than wanting it or believing, we have to believe it is our destiny.  Having or developing the skills alone is not enough. Being an entrepreneur is something that we must be all the time. We must eat, sleep, and breathe it.  We must study other entrepreneurs and knock down the walls of fear that keep us from walking confidently into the wide-open world of business. Successfully doing this may require you asking yourself, “Who...

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