Leadership is all about growing people. With all the will in the world, you can have great ideas and a way of telling others about them, but if people won’t follow nothing will ever happen.

Here are 5 Leadership qualities every entrepreneur should possess, learn or develop

  1. Drop the ego.

    There is a fine line between being confident and having an ego. An ego appears when you lack the total confidence you need in your team or your product or service. When you have confidence it shows, it is gentle and natural. When you are forcing the matter to convince others you are good or better your ego appears and it is seen right through.

  2. Don’t get taken advantage of.

    Hard work may not always we pleasant when getting your business or dream off the ground but don’t let it get to you. Remember you are in charge and if you don’t like the way a client works or does something then you can choose to walk away.  You don’t have to do things their way. It can be humiliating or even detrimental to your business, your image and your employees of you are not careful. Just because you are small or new doesn’t mean you can be taken advantage of.  Your approach to this will speak volumes in the years to come.

  3. Be firm.

    It is very easy to take on any job or any work at any price, but you can’t afford to work that way. It is all about not being taken advantage of. Don’t take on work that is not financially feasible.  Sure you can negotiate a better price with your customer because you have the freedom to do so.  However, you should stick to your pricing and margins as much as possible. Being firm is not just about money, being firm, yet fair matters when dealing with employees. If you’re pushing staff all night to get a job done and then not rewarding or acknowledging them, you will not be not liked. Likewise allowing staff to push their demands on you is not good either.  A good leader knows how to remain firm and will always be fair.

  4. Don’t stretch yourself too far.

    Many entrepreneurs stretch themselves too far or spread themselves too thin by trying to do everything themselves. A major key to success as an entrepreneur is to work with others. You should find a partner or find some staff, all great leaders had others to help them achieve success.

  5. Be willing to learn.

    Learning and growth are two key essentials for any entrepreneur or leader. John C. Maxwell believes in making time for growth and learning every day. He teaches this and sees others thrive on it. If you are not willing to learn you will struggle to be a leader. Learn from mistakes, learn from others, learn on the fly and ideally make time to intentionally learn something new every day that can help you in your endeavors.

In his book, What Successful People Know about Leadership: Advice from America’s 1 Leadership Authority, John C. Maxwell said “Self-Leadership comes first. It makes every other kind of leadership possible”. If you want to lead then above all else focus on yourself before others. What you have inside is what can and will make you a leader.