As a 40 year old, I began pondering loyalty and commitment as I was cleaning yesterday. My mind took me back to when I was an 11 year old child. My mother sat my sister and I down for a life changing talk. She shared with us that she and my dad were separating and he was moving out of the house.

Although not surprising (kids are much more attune than parents think), it impacted my life greatly. One of the things that stands out is how bothered and humiliated they were to have to share this news not just with us, but the world.

Divorce was not so common then. The idea of having everyone know they gave up on their marriage was devastating to them. This was such a different time than now. It has become easier and is even accepted to break commitments 29 years later.  If something doesn’t go the way you thought or want, many times people leave and go elsewhere.

This art of commitment can apply to many areas of life: relationships, career, church, business, etc. While in some of these areas there can be times we stay too long not letting go fast enough when we know it’s time, like at a job, with a demanding client, or in a negative friendship.

However, it seems there are more times that we give up too easily. We want quick relief because the pressure is too much. What we don’t realize is there is a lesson to be learned that will prepare us for the next season in life.  I personally believe that often in these times, it’s about allowing God to lead us through it.  Short cutting the process holds us hostage to that place until we get all that is there for us to learn and grow from.  If we try to short-cut it, we just keep coming back around the mountain and the frustration only multiplies.

Instead, commit to pressing forward. The key is commitment. Don’t give up because the grass appears greener and more lush on the other side. You don’t know the process they went through the to get it that green or, it could even be the fake kind of grass. Instead, concentrate on the brown grass that is yours to change, make a difference and impact others in a positive way. Just because it’s a success for someone else “over there” doesn’t mean it will be for you. That is theirs. Not yours.  Cultivate, love and grow your own lawn. 

For me personally, I do this through my personal relationship with God.  He’s the one that created me.  When I ask Him what to do, or how to do it, He shows me.  I believe he has a plan for everyone that is good, one we’ll all find fulfillment in if we commit to it, even through the hard parts. If you don’t know what that is, pray and ask God to show you. It may not come how you think it will, but He will answer your prayer.

Whatever you do, don’t bail too quickly and get stuck in an immovable place, never conquering struggles. Strive to perfect the art of commitment so you may keep moving forward!