Today I had a meeting set for around lunch time in a city about an hour from my office. Woke up excited about this appointment because I really thought I could help these people. I get to the office early in the morning. Go through my normal routine of coffee, news, and memes on Facebook.

Now, I am the type of person that likes to be prepared for meetings. So I spend about 2 and a half hours prepping for this meeting. Thinking of every possible contingency and objection, making sure that all of my bases are covered. I leave an hour and a half early in case of traffic (I believe that being late is exceedingly disrespectful) and so that I can set up the conference room we are meeting in to give them a pleasant experience. Our meeting time rolls around and nothing… I call my assistant and make sure I have the time right, I did. I wait 30 minutes past our meeting time to make sure there was no miscommunication. They did not show. I pack up my stuff and drive the hour back to my office. So mind you, I have spent two and half hours prepping, two hours driving, and one hour waiting. FIVE AND A HALF HOURS of my day for someone to no show for a consultation to help them save money.

Am I writing this all just to vent… maybe, but in reality I think that most people that are self- employed go through this more often than we would like to admit. I immediately start thinking what could I have done differently… could I have done a better presentation, could our follow up have been better and so on. The truth is our mortgage is due, our kids need things for school, they have field trips, Christmas is coming, braces are crazy expensive and the list keeps going.

When is loving what you do not enough? When do you have to look and say “game over”? When do you take the salary and give up the potential? When do you have to “man up” and decide that you aren’t good enough? I don’t think you do! You press on, keep pushing, and when you want to quit you pick up the phone again and make another call. The “pity party” is overrated and over attended. There are too many people in jobs they hate because they don’t have the balls to jump and you have the opportunity to do what you love and you want to quit because it is getting too hard… sack up. Your kids won’t remember the hard times, your marriage will be stronger on the other side, and you won’t live a life of regret because you let a little rejection derail you from destiny.

So, how do I push through? I rely on my faith first and foremost. I am a Christian and I believe God created me for greatness. Secondly, my wife is the most supportive woman in the world. I could be drilling holes in a boat and she would be scooping water with a bucket telling me how great I am. Finally, I want my children to know that they were not made for mediocrity, they were not made to just get by, but they were made to break barriers and shine bright! If you don’t have a reason to push through I suggest you find one. Every day is not like today, but without days like today you don’t appreciate tomorrow.