Productivity lies at the very heart of success for an entrepreneur.
But how do you become more productive and remain so?

Here are some simple tips and ways to become and remain productive:

Write down what you need to do.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Very often just having an idea of what you need to do in a day is not good enough. Writing down your daily to-do’s is all about planning. Having them on paper makes them achievable. By writing them down you can clearly see your workload, you can prioritize and you can even handle the unexpected interruptions to your day a little better.

Make the most of technology.

Technology in the work place has been developed to help us become and remain more productive. Simple and common tools such as Skype can save hours of travelling for meetings or can bring a team together quickly, unlike waiting for everyone to grab a cup of coffee at a coffeeshop first.  Dropbox makes sharing documents easy and saves time. Collaboration tools allow you to work with people to increase the chances of getting a job done right first time. Technology frees up so much time to allow more to get done.

Learn to delegate.

No successful man is an island.  Share your workload with others, even freelancers, so you get more done faster. Delegation is not just dumping something on a desk and expecting it to be done. No, delegation is asking for work done with specific instructions and deadlines. If you can control who is doing what, and can trust that a task will done well and within a timeline, you are on your way to freeing up some valuable time.

Take a break.

Running yourself into the ground just to get the work done is never advised. There is plenty of evidence that shows that taking frequent breaks, despite the idea looking like one is not working, leads to greater productivity.  By taking breaks, efficiency is improved and results are better, as the body performs better when rested. The breaks keep your mind focused, preventing exhaustion, thus making you more productive.

Reward yourself.

Rewards can be a powerful mechanism to increase productivity. Rewards incentivise and push you and when applied to getting tasks out of the way.  We all like being acknowledged, and acknowledging ourselves for our effort is often overlooked. Reward yourself with a break or have a cookie with your cup of coffee when certain tasks or jobs are completed. Your to-do list will rattle by fast and you will find yourself motivated to work better to get your reward.

Being productive and remaining so doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. Once started and a few tips and tricks are applied, productivity levels become naturally high. The result of being highly productive is the sense of satisfaction, allowing you to unwind at the end of each day to rest. Rest in itself is a lesser known secret to being productive.