Life happens.

This is something we can all agree on.  Whatever is going on, the world keeps moving.  No matter if we’re living with purpose or coasting through the day to day, everything else keeps moving.   Sure, if we’re not living intentionally GOOD things can sometimes JUST happen, just like BAD things can sometimes JUST happen.

However, we must ask ourselves, is settling for whatever may come our way really how we want to live?  Of course, there are occasions where circumstances are beyond our control – and those rare scenarios are where our preparedness, attitude, and reaction determine how easily we get through it.

Those cases aside though, we must be willing to admit that life will not happen the way we desire by chance – we must live intentionally and with purpose.  We must be willing to plan, be disciplined, set goals, strategize to accomplish them, reflect, and adjust as necessary.  Looking at challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles is a requirement.  We must have a mindset that conquers rather than one of complacency.

Your life is the greatest story you’ll ever tell.

You have a blank canvas, with chapters to be written.  Are you going to allow others to write your story for you, or will you take action and be intentional about writing it yourself?  Take control of your story, pursue your passions, discover your talents and cultivate them.

Successful, high achievers don’t just settle for whatever good may come their way.  They seek out the great.  They prepare for the opportunities and develop the skills needed so when opportunity arises, they’re able to cease it – with confidence.  To outsiders looking in, it seems that high achievers just have more “luck”, but that’s not the case.  The fact is, high achievers have positioned themselves through preparation and self-discipline to be prepared when opportunities arise.

Be intentional and pursue life on purpose.

Ask yourself today if you’re settling for whatever good (or bad) may come, or if you’re actively pursuing the greatness you desire and were made for?  Are you living complacently or are you actively pursuing a path of growth and development, preparing yourself for amazing opportunities that will arise.   If you don’t like the answer, adjust accordingly!  Take some time to discover what you’re destined for.  Study.  Practice.  Cultivate your passions and develop your talents.  Doing so will lead you further down the road to success and create a story that will be worth telling!

For more on the topic of living with purpose, I highly recommend John Maxwell’s book, Intentional Living.