Taking the time to write things down is so important.  Most of the time, I see the big picture in my head much easier than I see the process of how to get there in reality.  I am a dreamer – a visionary. It’s a beautiful thing because, to me, anything is possible. The limits are endless. My mind can go from one grand idea about business straight to an extraordinary plan on how to organize my house in a matter of seconds.

The problem though, is my mind doesn’t naturally think through the process. I don’t always plan and strategize one idea before moving to the next. If you act on the thoughts, but never complete the process, this can cause you to become a busybody. Being a busybody will cause you to never really arrive at the completion of a task, dream, plan. This, in turn, kills your confidence.

If this sounds like you, there’s hope! This is a solution that has worked best for me to move beyond being just a dreamer and into being a doer.

1. Have a pen and paper handy to write with.
This is a must. This way, I can write my thoughts down immediately.  When creativity, brainstorming, and planning happens spontaneously you can be ready to write it down.

2. After you write, go back and reflect.
I go back to my notes later, when my mind can ponder which ones I should try. I weigh my options, consider the time, money, thought, etc necessary to make a decision on which ideas to jump into and which ones to let go of. Sometimes it may not the right timing. In those scenarios you just put it on the back burner for later.

The biggest thing is to get it out of your head and on paper so you clear room for the next thoughts because there are always more to come.

To be effective in life, we must find a method that works for us of sorting through the dreams/ideas. We must do this so we can hone in on those that play to our strengths and follow the process through to completion. In my opinion, ideas build upon each other, one builds upon another.

The completion of one task is preparing you for what is to come next. However, starting strong and finishing weak (or never completing it at all) will set you up for failure on what’s next.

So dream big, but take time to sort it out on paper so you are more likely to secure completion, thus the fulfillment of an accomplished end. Doing this consistently will thrust you into your destiny.