If there is one thing that united fans across social media have proven, it’s that the effective hashtag can bring together people from all over the world. Almost all of the marketing you see for new releases of movies and books, and even major events leverage the potential of the hashtag.

There is such a thing as hashtag abuse, and when not properly utilized, hashtags can create some really cringe-worthy moments.

Here are a few tips

  1. Get in on the conversation by utilizing the proper hashtag.
    If you’re a brand, and users have cultivated an organic hashtag, make sure you use it in order to effectively engage with your following. Take this as an opportunity to strengthen your brand, and let your followers know you value them.
  2. Utilize all the platforms
    Developing hashtags that can be utilized across all your active social media platforms can broaden the demographic you’re able to reach. Different personality types gravitate towards specific platforms. Make sure you’re active where your current and potential followers are.
  3. Be Strategic in your hashtag use.
    Forward thinking is key. Before trying to develop a new hashtag, do your research. See if there’s already a culture and following utilizing it. Depending on the size of your following and your marketing budget, creating a new hashtag can take a while to develop. Have a plan for introducing your new hashtag. Make it something people want to engage with.
  4. #Don’t #Abuse #The #Hashtag
    By adding hashtags to every word in an effort to gain as much exposure as possible you will achieve the complete opposite. We call this hashtag abuse and it is the spam of the social media world. Don’t spam people. They don’t like it. They will unfollow you. They will avoid you. We can all agree, that is bad for business.