Negativity is something that we can all agree is bad.  No one prides themselves on being a negative person.  No one includes the characteristic of negativity when trying to paint someone in a good light.  However, it’s something that people so often struggle with, and even worse, seem to be unaware of.

Even just a bit of negativity can taint an entire idea, project, team or progress in general.  Have you ever come home after being away all day and something smells bad in the house?  You immediately go on a hunt to find and remove whatever is causing the stench in your home.  Why?  Because it’s unpleasant, even toxic, and if left unattended will spread.  This is what negativity does in our lives and the lives of those around us.


  • Successful people won’t tolerate being around negativity.
    Being negative will not attract positive, successful people into your life and inner circle. As may great leaders say, show me your closest friends and I’ll show you you.  We attract what we are.  Pay attention to your words and actions and how others respond to them.  Make note of what and who you’re attracting, and why.
  • You can’t think negatively and expect to produce positivity.
    If your thoughts are always negative, that’s what will be displayed in your conversations, actions, and life.  If allowed to run rampant, negative thoughts will overtake your mind and the results of that can be catastrophic to your mental and emotional well-being.  Make the decision to look for the positive in every situation and make that your focus.
  • Obstacles become opportunities when you get rid of negativity
    Positive people see opportunities in challenges.  Negative people see obstacles in challenges. Positive people know that things don’t always go exactly as they should, but also know how to keep moving through it rather than letting a negative attitude halt any and all progress. When challenges arise consider how you’re responding to them.

Negativity doesn’t do you, or anyone else around you any favors.  It’s a detrimental way to look at and live life. Be aware of it.  Stand guard against it.