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Why do we use this word to literally mean work, and work hard at something? Honestly, I don’t know but I now that we need something different than just hard work, or working hard.  I mean, grinding does sound much cooler but what does it really mean.

I think it's different to say that you are griding, it means more than you are just working. Grinding implies a fortitude that work does not have going with it.  When someones say that they are going to be grinding, you know that they are not going to be giving up when the first person who answers the phone says no.  They are not going to be wondering if they can really do this, or if it's all going to work out in the end.  I mean they might, we are still human but to Grind implies that these thoughts and rejections are not going to affect you today, that you are working towards a goal that you believe in your heart is your purpose to accomplish and that today, for as long as you can you are going to do everything possible to make that goal become a reality.

You see when someone tells you to rise and grind, they are not simply saying get up, do some work, watch some tv and enjoy the day, no grind means you are going to work so hard and so much that its going to be hard and its going to hurt a little bit, when you hit resistance you are literally going to keep working, and sparks are going to fly.  Nothing is going to stop you today, you are a champion, you are mighty, you are the best person to live your life because you were created to do the things that you are doing.

That is what it really means to grind at something, it means that you have a will to succeed and accomplish great and amazing things, and the grind is the manifestation of that will.  There are going to be set back in your journey, probably more than you can possibly imagine, but through the setbacks is literally going to come to the accomplishments and the victories. See if it was easy, if it was simple, then everyone would be doing it, but it's not, living the life you were truly meant to live, is not easy, it is hard, and it is going to not only require work but sacrifice. 

You will sacrifice your time, your 8 hrs of sleep a night, you might even have to sacrifice some money or resources, which cost you time to get there, but it will all be worth it, imagine your dream life, the amazing things that you will accomplish, and how amazing it feels to actually open hat business, retire from your job, take that amazing vacation, whatever it is that you are working towards, remember that you were meant to be a contributor to the world stage, not just a viewer or spectator.

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