Harnessing the Power of Feelings and Emotions

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It’s not about your feelings, it’s about your determination to accomplish all that you are looking for in life. We know what is good for us and we know what we should be doing, or should not be doing. We know who is toxic to our lives, and we know who we should be surrounding ourselves with.  Why, then, do we not do the things that will make us successful.

It’s simple. Our feelings…

We don’t feel like getting up early, or we don’t feel like eating a bunch of vegetables, or we don’t get rid of the toxic people in our lives, because we have “feelings.”

As human beings we have emotions and we have feelings. emotional. However, if we do not learn to control and discipline our feelings, they will use us. We all know that generally what feels good or tastes good is probably not the best for us, but our feelings don't.  Our feelings don't have the ability to think long-term. We know that if we want to be successful we have to get out of bed and produce, but our feelings tell us the bed is nice.

I was once told that discipline and willpower were nothing more than the ability to tell your body to do something and make it comply. When we tell ourselves to get out of bed, to focus, to eat better to work out, to leave that relationship, or whatever it is that is holding us back from our dream, we command ourselves to do it, and our mind and body comply.

On the other hand, some people will say that they use their emotions to help them get through the day, or channel creativity, or other beneficial things. They are correct our emotions can do that, but it requires disciplining and controlling your emotions to make that happen.

Emotions are powerful things, and passion is an emotion that has fueled many an entrepreneur.  This passion has to be harnessed and cannot be overridden by other, more harmful emotions.

I am reminded of the book Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. If you have not read it is you can get it here, it is a great book. Morrie is a well-known professor of philosophy in Boston who is diagnosed with ALS. At the end of his life, Morrie and the author decide to work on a project, in which Morrie gives advice to the living from the perspective from someone who is literally dying, every day getting sicker and sicker. 

In one of the chapters, he talks about how depressing it is, knowing that he will be dying soon, and all of the things he won’t get to do or see, but that he only lets himself be depressed for a small amount of time.  He talks about fully experience the emotion, but not letting it control his day.  Even when he was starting, literally, at death coming for him, he would only let himself be sad about it for a small amount of time, before he would get up and continue forward.

Life can be challenging at times, and if you are on a journey towards a goal, there are going to be obstacles in your way and it’s going to be hard, the best thing you can do it move forward, and continue to follow your dream.

Don’t let your emotions control you and use you, because they will if you let them.  As human beings, we often fear change and life is full of twists and turns.  Feelings and emotions aren't bad. Experience emotion, but do it with discipline. 

Controlling your emotions doesn't mean ignoring them, because they will eventually boil over.  It's a matter of learning to control the time at which you let it out so that it has the best use.

Emotions and feelings can be indicators.  When you're consistently experiencing negative emotions it can be an indicator that something needs to change. While consistent positive emotions and feelings are meant to be enjoyed and can drive you forward in life and success. 

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