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The real challenge of growth, spiritually, emotionally and physically comes when you get knocked down”-Les Brown

Here is the thing about success... it's not easy, success in anything doesn't come easy. It takes work, and fortitude and a willpower to achieve your goal no matter what because at some point, you are going to get knocked down, you're going to get hit and you are going to get blindsided by something. Here is the real thing that no one tells us, it's going to hurt… a lot.  They talk about it like getting back up is easy, dust yourself off, rub some dirt in, get back on the horse. 

Everyone knows that when you fall it hurts. When people and circumstances let you down, it can hurt a lot. You might lie there on the mat, or the couch or the bed, and wonder if this is really what you want and if it's worth it. 

You are going to say things to yourself, like "isn’t just being happy and content enough?" or, "Would it be better to do things that were easier so that you don’t have to feel this way anymore?" 

It's In those moments, you are going to have a choice.  You are going to have to choose, to take more risks, to put your head down and push on, to get back up on the horse.  

When you make that decision to keep going and pressing on,  things might be a little different. The plan might change. Getting back on the horse might even be a little scary, but you know that you've got to require it of yourself to push on and figure it out. Not because you think you're invincible or that you may not face similar challenges, but because you're after something bigger,  something more important,  a goal that's going to make a difference and inspire someone or many someones, which will result in an amazing, rewarding life. 

There may be days when you have to tell yourself,  "You are going to do this.", not with a chip on your shoulder, but with grace and composure, and confidence to face, maybe directly, the very things that hurt you

As you continue to move forward after being knocked down, you'll look back and realize something. You'll start to see a pattern of growth because the journey doesn't necessarily get easier, you just get better.

You'll realize that the reason that you are able to take risks, move forward, and do what you know in your heart you were meant to do, is because you have the internal strength, that's come from the discipline to move forward and overcome the situations. It's not going to be easy, at times it's going to be hard, and challenging, and you're going to feel it... but if it were easy… everyone would do it.

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