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If you’ve been an entrepreneur for longer than a week, you already know the struggles of the up and down roller coaster ride in life. You know how hard it is to keep getting up early, to make those changes in your life and keep going even when you get knocked down.

You’ve probably heard the idea of surrounding yourself with positivity and people who are good for your life, and for whatever business you are looking to accomplish. There is something that most successful people know, but don’t always share, and this is the idea of literally surrounding your self with motivation and positivity.

We here at Not Status Quo knew this and wanted a way to share it with other dreams and entrepreneurs. We start off a couple of people sharing positivity on Instagram. People loved our posts, and we gained a really great following. We are excited to now be able to share some of our favorite quotes and artwork with others.

You see your walls every day, you see the posters and paintings that you have on your walls, on a daily basis, so much so that you may not even remember seeing them, but if a friend were to “borrow” one without telling you, you would notice something missing right away. You conscious may not see it, but your subconscious surely does. It sees those images it sees those words of affirmation and it changes your thinking and actions, slowly over time.

Can motivational wall art change your life? Probably not, but if you walk into someone’s house who is successful, there is a good chance you are going to see some kind of motivation images somewhere, especially in their home office.

We always try to keep our prices fair and low so that you can surround yourself with more positivity and motivation. We are constantly working to bring new artwork to the site, and are glad you are on this journey with us.

So can motivational wall art make your dreams come true?
I don’t know, but I do know that it is probably not going to hurt.

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