Our Story

Welcome to Not Status Quo!
We are excited you've found us and it's our hope that you will find something (or many somethings) that motivate and inspire you.
We had a goal to inspire, motivate, and encourage the dreamers and doers.  We wanted to help people accomplish their goals, no matter what those goals are. We did this by creating the brand Not Status Quo.  As a team of entrepreneurs on a mission to reach our own potential, we used social media as a platform to encourage and inspire others.  It was well received, but we knew we wanted to do more.
We asked ourselves, "What if we could take all this motivation off-screen?  What if we could generate conversation and action, rather than just likes, shares, and retweets? What if we could inspire someone to get out of bed and do what they were born to do or become the person they were created to be?"
That's when we opened our store at notstatusquo.com.  We wanted to take our message of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation offline and turn it into pieces of motivational artwork.
At our store, you will find artwork that has inspired us personally.  You'll find quotes that have kept us going when the going was tough. You'll find images that resonate with us.  We have a connection to every piece we offer and hope you will too. 
We aim to keep our prices low because we want to inspire you, your team, and your family.  We want to encourage you on the days you're feeling low, and motivate you to push further on the days you're flying high.  
Our commitment is this, we'll strive to keep costs low and quality high because you and your dreams are worth it. 
We sincerely hope you find inspiration and motivation from our art. 
We are happy that we can play even a small role in you accomplishing your dreams.