Seconds in a Day (Light Edition)

  • $60.00

86400 Seconds in a Day (Light Edition)

How would your life be different if every day you woke up with $86,400 in your bank account? You could do anything that you wanted to with it.  What would you do, would you invest it, see the world, give it to friends and family? You would probably do all of those things.  Well, that’s how many seconds you have in every single day, you have total control over how you spend your time, and when you put it in that perspective, we realize that time is more valuable than anything.

You've probably seen this concept on your Facebook and Instagram, or you’ve probably read it on a blog or book. 

Now you can have this motivation on your wall! This is that reminder to go out there and make every moment count.  Be your own inspiration.

All of our prints are printed at the highest quality.
Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself. Believe in being Not Status Quo.